My First Video Game Band – The Minibosses

Nothing makes me warm and fuzzy inside more than revisiting my childhood….. minus elementary school….. and middle school… and while we are at it jr high and highschool. OK, so lets just say video games. I loooooved playing video games when I was a kid. I still consider myself a kid at heart, but kid kid.

I love music. I always have. My Dad raised me on Billy Joel and he always played the guitar for the family. I figured out I really loved movie soundtracks when the Star Wars Special Editions were released. The first 10 CDs I owned were movie soundtracks. I use to listen to MIDI tracks from VG Music when I was in high school during programming class. I eventually stumbled across Overclocked ReMix. They had some cool techno remixes that kept me entertained for a few years. I eventually stumbled across a torrent that would change my life. They were called…. The Minibosses.
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jQueryPad – A Great App for Quick jQuery Development

jQuerypad allows you to quickly develop javascript/jQuery code without a bunch of database calls or heavy CSS slowing down page load. It’s a great tool for experimenting or optimizing code.

It doesn’t require an install. Simply unzip the file, plug in your HTML markup and start coding away. Your code is written to a file so you can easily export it or view it later.

10 Games That Deserved More From Me

I do not have much time anymore to play video games. I try to make it count when I do. I want to get every penny out of the game now a days. I played through the original Bioshock and earned every achievement for example. I “completed” my goal almost through my third play through. There are tons of great games that I neglected over the years that I really wish I had time to play through and truly enjoy.

If any of you don’t know about my obsessive video game collecting…. look HERE. I had a problem with buying video games that I never played/completed. The “Pile” made it over three feet tall of games that I never played and completed.

Here is a list of games I owned or tried to own, and would love to revisit if time allowed.
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From iPhone to Android: The Hardware and Software Transition

Less of a rant, more of an analysis. This is based off of the Samsung Captivate running Eclair(2.1) on the AT&T network. You may see slight differences in other android phones. Initially, you wont notice much a difference. You lock with the button on the right side of the device. This is much like the lock button on the top. The device is unlocked by swiping, but in any direction. Navigation through interfaces is very similar.

I’m going to give a quick rundown of: the home screen, general settings, email, applications, and the market.
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A Geek Shirt For Saturday! I Void Warranties!

Another shirt from Think Geek! The I Void Warranties shirt is probably one of my favorite shirts I’ve collected. I’ve gotten a lot of laughs from this shirt. I think it’s because it’s so very true for me. I’m rocking out at B&E Paintball today and I felt it was appropriate to wear this!

I’m not one to appreciate warranties at home. I greatly value them in the professional world however. As a kid, I ripped apart any and all mechanical or electronic toys I had. I had boxes full of motors, circuit boards and batteries. I learned at my first IT job that laptops were generally only as good as their warranty. My brother and I had warranty issues on both of our first “new” computers.

Warranties are definitely a double edged sword. Get a 5 year warranty on a laptop and throw it down the stairs 4 years into it. You could get a new laptop of same value then for “free”, but guess who pays for it? All the other customers that purchase from that brand.
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From iPhone to Android: Why I Chose Android

First, I would like to start off by saying that a lot of this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

I started working at my current job in November 2007. After starting, I learned that that they would purchase an iPhone for you after six months of being there. This was when the original iPhone was out. Back then, the iPhone was a status symbol. It was an expensive phone that you’d usually only see business people using. I kinda flipped out when I saw that 20 out of 25 people working there had iPhones.

I’ve always had a desire to fit in and be cool. Read my Geek Blog to hear more about that. I was really excited to hear that the iPhone 3G was going to be released after my six months. I felt like I would finally be in the Mac is Cool Club… boy was I wrong…..
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Geek Shirt Thursday: Soul Mates

I’ve been a fan of Lord of the Rings since before the movies were announced. I was definitely excited when released this shirt. I haven’t seen many other LOTR shirts, but this one is definitely my favorite. I love seeing the purely evil Sauron and the Ring depicted as a small somewhat innocent creatures.
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Productive Keyboard Shortcuts

Over the last year or so I’ve been looking for quick and easy ways to become more productive while coding. After using WinSplit for a little bit, I learned that keyboard shortcuts are great way to quickly increase productivity.

I’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for the following programs: Visual Studio, Firefox, Outlook, and Windows 7
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The State of Halo Part 3 of 3

This is the last installment of my State of Halo series. I’ve covered all of the released games with the exception of Halo 3:ODST. I’m going to break my rules and do a separate post for Reach. There is too much cool stuff with ODST to not cover it.

Halo 3:ODST was released in 2009 as an “expansion” for Halo 3. It shipped with a Halo 3 map pack disc that included all down loadable maps for Halo 3. Most players felt like the game was a rip off. Most avid Halo 3 players already had all the maps. The campaign can be completed in about 6 hours and the new game mode “Firefight” wasn’t ideal for players with small friends lists.
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Video Game Shirt Friday: School

I’m a big fan of the Mario Kart franchise. I’m always excited to see a Mario Kart themed shirt on Shirt.Woot. You can still get this shirt on the reckoning wall for $15 at the time of this posting. The first one I saw was this one. If you’re a fan like me, you love and hate the blue shell.
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