The State of Halo Part 2 of 3

I’m going to give a brief overview of Halo 3 and Halo Wars both of these games are for the XBox 360 and utilize Xbox Live. Halo Wars is a little bit different than the other Halo games. It is an RTS game. In other words, it’s like Starcraft. In the last part of the series, I will go over Halo 3: ODST and what we know about Reach.
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My Stint In Paintball

Have you ever been really good at something, and eventually you weren’t? You became obsolete or that thing evolved to the point you didn’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t know really what motivates this post. I spent most of the day cleaning and thinking.

I first played paintball in 1995. I really sparked interest in it in 1998. I was reading magazines and going to the local field, Wild Word maybe twice a year. I got my first gun after I got a job as a grocery boy. Of course, it was broken to the point it wasn’t fixable. I saved up and got another one. I eventually started working at Wild World on the weekends.
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WinSplit – One of the Best Multi Monitor Tools

If you are like me, you work with two or more monitors. I have experimented with several different multi-monitor tools. Next to Ultramon (which you must pay for), WinSplit is the next best thing. Ultramon provides an extended task bar which is really nice.

WinSplit allows you to quickly move windows to your other screen and arrange windows. This feature is great if you work with a lot of windows or need to utilize all that space you have. Simply press Crtl, Alt and Left or right and your current window will move to the respective window. You can also hold Ctrl and Alt and drag windows to specific locations to get the same Use the same Ctrl, Alt and and the number pad and the window will be positioned based on the number pressed.

The only issues I have encountered has been integration with other apps that use Ctrl and Alt combos. A few apps I’ve had problems with are Photoshop and Texter. You can always customize keystroke settings to resolve these issues..

Windows 7 includes some of the features, but I think WinSplit really polishes these features.

Get New File Types in Your “New” Context Menu

The “New” menu on the windows context menu has always annoyed me. It seems that every software suite adds something new and ridiculous to it. I think I got five or six new items after installing CS4 and Office 2010. I’ve frequently been in the situation where I could use a quick .html, .css or .js file on the fly.
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Geek Shirt Thursday! Think Geek R2D2 Scrap Metal

I love Thursdays! I’m proudly wearing my Scrap Metal R2D2 shirt that I purchased from Think Geek. Star Wars shirts always get a lot of praise at my work. I got this shirt by luck from Think Geek for only $6! They had a random shirt sale and I ordered three. I was very satisfied with two of the three so I feel like I won out big time.
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Snippely – A useful app for the forgetful

If you are like me, you dip your hands into too many programing languages. Thankfully, there is an awesome app available that lets you store code snippets in groups. That app is Snippely. I’m a big fan of AIR apps and this is one of the best ones I’ve found.
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The State of Halo Part 1 of 3

So Halo Reach comes out in the near future. A lot of people I know aren’t fully aware of the the series up to now. It’s a truly interesting series on a Star Wars level for the video game industry. A lot of this is strictly my opinion, but feel free to share your opinions in the comments. I’m going to go over all the games. I’ll go over their strong points and their weak points in my opinion. Spoiler Alert: I’ll be going over key points of the plot so reader beware.
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My Favorite Javascript Tool: The Console

I’ve been a big fan of Firebug for a really long time. It took me a while to learn how to fully utilize the console.

About two years ago I would add javascript alerts everywhere to debug stuff. I eventually learned that doing console.log() would dump whatever your debugging to the console. Works great with jQuery selectors to make sure they work and Json results from web services. You can also run block of code in the console, but I’m wanting to go over the log feature of it.
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