Mobile Website Methods with Asp.Net MVC. Part 1 – Content Sites

I have a fair amount of experience building mobile sites. Mobile sites are essential now because so many people are using mobile phones and tablet devices to browse the internet. Many sites don’t have great mobile experience. They use flash, rely heavily on hover effects, or they have so much content that it takes forever for the page to load.

I’m going to show how I made a mobile version of my site in just a couple hours using Asp.Net MVC and jQuery mobile. My site is primarily content and has very little code involved on it. My website is very basic and very straight forward. I browsed through my site and decided to find the basic information I wanted to display on my mobile version. In my case, I wanted to display my portfolio, resume, about me, contact me, some of my social links, and an about my mobile page so people could see what technology I used.
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I’m a Technology Architect for Rockfish Digital. I’ve been there since 2007. I love coding and spend most of my time in C# and JavaScript. I’m a firm believer in the Full Stack Developer.