Tired of typing long URLs into your mobile devices? QR code that!

Co-Worker: Hey Daniel! Can you check this site out on the company iPad!?!?!
Me: Yeah sure what’s the URL?
Co-Worker: http://www.superlogurlwithextracharacters.us?queryvar=1&var=abvceor&mobiledetectioin=42&key=wholikestacos
Me: Ummm….. *sad face*

I work with a lot of mobile devices at work and I’m not comfortable setting up my email on company devices. It hit me like a ton of bricks. USE QR TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!

I go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or any other qr generator. Download a QR app on your device that can open URLs in the native browser. I use SimpleAct Inc. Best Barcode Scanner. It works on all iDevices and it works great. Pull up the QR on your screen, point your camera to it, and BAM!!!! Site pulls upon your device.

I haven’t gotten around to finding any QR apps on Android and Windows Phone 7 yet.

This has shaved countless minutes of typing out complex urls on a tiny device.

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