From iPhone to Android: Why I Chose Android

First, I would like to start off by saying that a lot of this is just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

I started working at my current job in November 2007. After starting, I learned that that they would purchase an iPhone for you after six months of being there. This was when the original iPhone was out. Back then, the iPhone was a status symbol. It was an expensive phone that you’d usually only see business people using. I kinda flipped out when I saw that 20 out of 25 people working there had iPhones.

I’ve always had a desire to fit in and be cool. Read my Geek Blog to hear more about that. I was really excited to hear that the iPhone 3G was going to be released after my six months. I felt like I would finally be in the Mac is Cool Club… boy was I wrong…..
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I’m a Technology Architect for Rockfish Digital. I’ve been there since 2007. I love coding and spend most of my time in C# and JavaScript. I’m a firm believer in the Full Stack Developer.