Equipment Counts! A lesson I keep learning!

I consider myself very fortunate that my parents raised me the way they did. I had to pay for anything “extra” after I was tall enough to push a lawn mower. This included video games, paintball, and camping stuff. I learned when I was 8 that quality counts. I used my allowance to buy a hand saw from Walmart. My family has always been big do it yourselfers and carpenters and I was ready to have my own tools. I purchased a multi function saw that you could swap the blades for four dollars. Now, when your allowance for chores is only two dollars a week, four dollars was a good amount of money.

I quickly learned that this purchase was bad on two levels. First, I learned be very careful when buying a multi-functional tool. A TV/VCR combo may sound like a good idea, but what happens when the screen goes out? You have a giant VHS rewind machine. Second, I learned its not a good idea to go cheap on stuff you will regularly use.

Over the years, this has been drilled in my head by learning the hard way. I bought cheap video game controllers, that would quickly break and rattle. I would get cheap hiking shoes and go on a ten mile hike with my boyscout troop. I would come home with giant blisters from wet feet and poorly fitting shoes.

What did this do? It taught me a valuable lesson about quality. I learned to only buy official licensed Nintendo controllers and go to an established outfitter for hiking boots. I’ve owned 3 pairs of hiking boots in the last 10 years because I bought quality. The first two pairs have been heavily worn out and I’m still wearing the third pair to scout events. Now, I’ve never had a good sense of style. I wore those boots EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I could go all day on that.
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